BBS Hotfix Patch 0.7.0

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[Patch Notes BBS Build 0.7.0 Oct 6th]

• Jade now plays the majority of her sound effects and voicelines

• Removed overlapping sound triggers from Snoggler/Huntress

• Added new bouncing sound effects

• Fixed Gen's drill kick multi-hit property

• Fixed Verge's butt slam freezing on impact or when performed too close to the ground

• Fixed projectiles disappearing early

• Fixed weapons clipping out of Jade's hand during a double jump

• Fixed roll distance going further than intended on slopes

• Fixed Jade getting stuck on walls (She now slides down)

• Fixed Jade getting stuck on the corner of platforms

• Fixed Jade doing a counter attack after taking damage

• Fixed Jade landing at a weird angle from her roll glitch

• Fixed Jade's bomb explosion not rendering properly

• Fixed flinch animation lasting longer than intended

• Fixed attack button sometimes not working

• Piranha Plants hitbox moved e earlier in his animation

• Jade no longer plays her jump sound again when leaving a platform

• Crouch jabs no longer break after spamming slide kick

• Nerfed Gen's knee momentum and slide distance

• Verge now correctly plays his dash voiceline

• Finished import of Verge/Gen sprite cleanup

• Fixed one frame of Jade's panties rendering black during her jump

• Fixed enemies dieing too easily when knocked down in the Arena.

• Fixed visibility on a broken platform


BBS 2022-10-06 (0.7.0) Desktop x32.rar 362 MB
Oct 06, 2022
BBS 2022-10-06 (0.7.0) Desktop x64.rar 365 MB
Oct 06, 2022
BBS 2022-10-06 (0.7.0) Mac 408 MB
Oct 06, 2022

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how to enter in portal i click on all but it is not help


the game just crashes to the main screen without any error

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when I click download password I get taken to an error. anyone know whets going on? Also I go to patron website  and it wants me to pay another $5 to download the new release when Im already a subscriber??? ( Sorry I am new here so please tell me if im doing something wrong)

I can't seem to download this version on the itch client, but I can get it from the itch website just fine.
There also seems to be an issue with the use function.
I can enter the gym and the debug room, can leave both, and I can even dom after winning the fight in the gym. however, I can't talk to the instructor, the trader, or enter either of the end portals!

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can somebody help me here... i can only download 6.8 and nothing higher... is this a rank thing or just a computer issue.


This is more bugged than Assassin's Creed Unity. Congrats XD



Can't even download it.