New Public Build (v0.6.9)!

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Jade is ready to hit the backstreets in all her Bounty Hunting glory! Roll about, climb some walls and throw an assortment of weapons to fend off the horny masses!

BBS 0.6.9 (Jade Update) Sep 21st 2022


• Voicelines

• Animated Game over screen

• Character select Portrait

• 6 color pallets

• 4 Clothing layers + Backpack

• 8/12 Sex scenes (Excluding Mimic, Huntress, Snu-Snu Snake)

• 6 weapons (Steak, Axe, Net, Bomb, Torch, Beartrap)

• Roll mechanic (Dark Souls)

• Counter mechanic (Marth from Smash Bros)

• Wall Climb (Knuckles from Sonic 3)

• Throw weapons in 4 directions (Link from Smash Bros)

• Lob weapons in an arc (Simon from Castlevania)

• New attack combos exclusive for the Axe/Torch

• New moves and animations

[Quality of Life]

• Enemies now stop patrolling and can lose sight of the player if they are too far away and will only aggro if they are facing you.

• Enemies now stop rendering entirely if they are too far away from the player (Improving performance)

• 10 new sound effects

• Improved audio balancing

• Player portrait UI now shakes when taking damage

• Verge/Gen combo timing has been improved

• Gen's voice lines have been updated with a new filter effect.

• Debug stage platforms have been tweaked slightly to better fit spawners.

• Character select portraits now have a purple stroke when you highlight them

• BBS logo now has sparkles

• Announcer now has new voicelines for all item upgrades

• All player characters now use their turning frame

• All player characters have smoother movement and rotation physics when sprinting and jumping

• Camera now zooms in further for sex scenes

• Sex overlay effects have improved visibility

• Animation for spawning into/out of stages from the portal have been improved

• Players now use their jumping voiceline less often

• Disabled Patreon popups after clicking a locked character more than once

• Sex scenes now always render ontop of enemies

• Clothing now has more velocity when destroyed

• Vergence [P1] border now shows when selected

• Stage 2 text no longer overlaps on transition screen

• Enemies now start flashing after they finish bouncing on death

• Munchy projectile and poof effects are now tinted

• Improved locked character graphics

• New Huntress backwards hop move (To avoid the player)

• Huntress now slides to a more gradual stop when performing her s*x pounce

• Enemies will now leave platforms to pursue the player

• Phased out Doozy for Pallet Shader

[Bug Fixes]

• Hornet looping flying sound no longer plays indefinitely on certain stages

• Poof death particles are no longer parented to dead enemies

• Escaping a sex scene now does less damage to enemies

• Fixed tiny collectables on some stages

• Fixed restart button sometimes not working

• Fixed 'Dash Dancing' by rapidly spamming Dash/Jump/Crouch on controller causing the player to go backwards unintentionally. 

• Fixed Munchies going invisible when teleporting

• Gamepad controls for navigating menus have been re-assigned

• Fixed Baxter and Jade being smaller than intended on the loading screen.

• Fixed Gidgit's clothing debree on training stage

• Fixed Gidgit sometimes not spawning correctly on training stage

• Fixed the player not standing up until the crouch animation finishes

• Fixed Score screen letter grading displaying twice


BBS 2022-09-21 (0.6.9) Mac OSX.rar 394 MB
67 days ago
BBS 2022-09-21 (0.6.9) Desktop x32.rar 384 MB
67 days ago
BBS 2022-09-21 (0.6.9) Desktop x64.rar 386 MB
67 days ago

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version is completely broken. can't proceed to other part of levels without restarting.  did jasonafex/team upload a broken build or is this just how the game's turning out? lol. wonder what the good people of patreon have to say about this mess

It runs fine in the editor and when we make a build the game is playable. What is your hardware setup?

It's not really a matter of fps, my system is more than capable to run. gtx1080 6gb nd an 8700k intel with 32gb of 3200 ram. Levels are broken in a sense that there's invisible platforms in places where they shouldn't be. Either that or double jump just doesn't work on some platforms and certain inputs. I can't move on from the "boss" stages on each level because of that. Also selected character decides to freeze every once in a while and starts moving again only after some damage is taken. I've played previous builds and never had these issues. Is the function to speak with the ych npc's not yet available in 0.6.9? Bc that doesn't work for me as well

It appears that the dialogue system is entirely broken in the current build. I have no idea why as it worked in 0.6.8 but then broke. We will have to add that to our list


New build is pretty much nearly completely unplayable. Jump and double jump mechanics are broken rendering you stuck in many places. Vergence glitches the worst, totally freezes and can't do anything. Often times will land after a jump at a skewed angle. Can't interact with anything except the gym door. Still no idea about power ups and what they do or how to even use them.

I made several attempts to get past the first level without much success as the broken jump mechanics stranded me in places where the next platform could not be reached as the second jump did absolutely nothing.

Tried with a keyboard which seemed to be much worse than a controller, but the same issues continued to persist. This game needs a LOT of help before it's more than just frustrating between the freezes and partially broken jumps in weird places.


Why are there so many times where the characters just freeze in the itch app? I feel like this is a problem. Are you planning on fixing it in the future?

Will you guys add gangbang scenes in the future?