New Public Build (v0.6.8)!

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We're back with a mid-month patch build and a breakdown of all the released and unreleased chest reward upgrades in the game!


Collectable Item Upgrades

[Common] items are small buffs that can help give you a slight edge while brawling. They spawn most frequently from chests with a 60% drop rate.

• Heal Orbs: Kills have a 5% chance to drop green orbs somewhat near the enemy that when picked up, restore 1 block of clothing. Orbs disappear after 6 seconds.

Stack Effect: Increases chance by +5%

• Easy Stun: Reduces difficulty of stun minigame 15%, speeding up the rate in which the escape window expands.

Stack Effect: Increases recovery +15%

• Bleed Hits: Attacks apply bleed (Deals light attack damage over 3 seconds). Damage does not stack and resets on hit.

Stack effect: +3 seconds of bleed duration

• Less Flinch: 15% Chance to gain super armor when hit. Indicated by a golden flash.

Stack effect: Increase chance +15%

• Easy S*x: Reduces difficulty of s*x minigame 15%, making it slower and the window to escape bigger.

Stack Effect: Increases recovery +15%

• HP Shield: Grants a bonus block of temporary armor that regenerates after successfully escaping a sex scene and/or respawning. Indicated by a large blue sphere around the player.

Stack effect: Doubles shield health

• Small Crits: 12% chance to deal and additional 0.75 damage. Indicated by red damage numbers and a new electric hit spark.

Stack effect: Increases multiplier +0.15 and chance +5%


[Uncommon] items change the game in more dramatic ways and can greatly power up your character when certain synergies combine. They spawn less frequently from chests with a 26% drop rate.

• Sneaky Flinch: Taking damage has a 10% chance of making the player invisible, causing nearby enemies to stop attacking and lose interest for 5 seconds. Enemies will regain aggro on the player if they are hit.

Stack effect: Increases chance +10%

• Cold Hits: Attacks have a 20% chance to slow enemies projectiles, movement and attack animations 50% for 4 seconds and dealing light damage.

Stack effect: Increases duration +1 second and chance +10%

• More Jumps: Grants an additional third jump, allowing for even more air mobility.

Stack effect: Increases Jumps +1

• More Range: Attacks now shoot a short range wave projectile that extends the hitbox of all attacks 50% (Increases shot velocity for Baxter)

Stack effect: Increases size/distance of projectile +50%

• Zap Hits: Attacks have a 20% chance to electrocute enemies, increasing flinch duration 100% and dealing light damage.

Stack effect: +50% flinch duration and chance +10%

• Big Succ: Defeating enemies drains the climax meter 5% and increases max HP by 1

Stack effect: Increase HP gain +1


[Rare] items are overpowered game breakers causing rampant chaos. Collect at your own risk! They have the lowest chance to appear in chests at 14%, but you can trade your other items at NPC merchants to get one early in your run.

• Sex Good: 20% chance to fully restore health after failing a sex scene instead of losing a life.

Stack effect: Increases chance +20%

• Hit Hard: All damage dealt is increased 25%

Stack effect: Increases damage +25%

• Big Boom: Enemies have an 80% chance to violently explode when defeated (Same damage as explosive crates). All other explosion sources deal double damage. Player becomes immune to explosions.  

Stack effect: Increases explosive damage +100%

• Blazing Trail: Dashing/Rolling now goes 50% further, has full invincibility and leaves a trail of fire behind the player that ignites enemies dealing Burn (Medium attack damage for 3 seconds. fire re-applies debuff). Grants immunity to fire and toxic effects.

Stack Effect: Burn duration and damage is doubled.


[Vials] are temporary buffs you can find scattered across levels. They don't appear often so grab them while you can for a quick boost of power!

• Health Vial: Restores 1 block of clothing.

• Shield Boost: Temporary version of the shield buff that does not regenerate once lost.

• Speed Boost: All movement and attack speed is increased 100%. Expires after 45 seconds or if stunned.

• Rage Boost: All damage is increased 50%. Expires after 45 seconds or if stunned.


0.6.8 Patch Notes (June 23rd)

• Added NPC Merchant to stages (Spawns once a stage, starting at 15% chance and goes up every module, guaranteed by the end of a level)

• Added NPC Merchant to Debug stage

• Reworked Parralax (Now much smoother)

• Snu-Snu Snake now immediately goes into s*x scene if she pulls you in with her consent beam attack. 

• Added 25% chance to not play voicelines

• Fixed Camera and Parralax stuttering

• Fixed arena death boundary for enemies being disabled

• Fixed NPC interactions not initiating

• Fixed loud explosion sounds that play on stage start

• Fixed ending lag on most enemy attacks

• Fixed item popup text sometimes displaying backwards

• Fixed Piranha Plants not attacking when standing too close

• Fixed missing sound effect when switching between levels/difficulties etc on character select

• Fixed several missing combat sound effects

• Fixed dark tint on players 3 hit combo particle effect

• Fixed dash sound playing twice

• Fixed butt slam sound and effect playing twice

• Fixed third jump sound playing upon double jump release

• Fixed looping flying/burning sounds stacking and not decaying with distance

• Fixed Full screen/Windowed mode not saving your changes

• Fixed resolution options not displaying in dropdown menu

• Fixed death timing for props

• Fixed butt slam attack to work from any height (Will always hit the ground)

• Fixed Snoggler/Hornet knockback being higher than intended

• Fixed icon pixelation

• Fixed detection radius for doors/NPCs

• Fixed credit screen not returning to main menu after scroll completes

• Fixed back button not being clickable in certain areas on character select

• Fixed portal not taking you to the next level

• Added minimap icons for Vitki, Leon and Kane

• Added Leon to the gallery (Considered the same category as Kane)

• Added debree to crates and barrels when they take damage

• Added new particle effects to crates/chests/barrels

• Updated impact sounds with crunchier ones

• Updated back button on character select with new art


Now that NPCs are working, we plan to have an early version of Jade playable in July! 


BBS 2022-06-23 (0.6.8) Desktop 367 MB
Jun 23, 2022
BBS 2022-06-23 (0.6.8) Desktop 370 MB
Jun 23, 2022
BBS 2022-06-23 (0.6.8) Mac 380 MB
Jun 23, 2022

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Another Update, Still unplayable.
still constant crashes and hardlocks

New content is super exciting, but not when you can't get to it

i m really curious what is happening because my game is running normal here the only bug i get so far is passing through solid material and falling outside of the map 

i m seeing so much errors problems all around but i dont have any lucky me i guess ?

any hint when we will see the other characters ? 

I am currently working on the Jade release we are getting really close, but I have no idea what the estimated time is as not all of the frames have been drawn yet.

sorry for my delay i dont get any notification anyways 

thanks for the awnser and well i wish you luck 


Super broken build as your frontrunner for two months is o o f

OS: win10 x64

video: intel HD graphics 2 gb

ram: 4gb

core: intel celeron N2806

game runs at 5 fps and stuck on "stage 1" title in any map


the problem is that it must be that there are many objects that are loaded at once, but if you need to optimize you must do it, it is not a bad video game, but you must optimize certain things, I did once with my video game "useless dragon", I put so many objects that when loading them they broke down

(1 edit)

I'm getting tons of game crashes as well as the Hornet's audio (I believe) loops sometimes and won't stop until you completely close the game due to it still playing in the menu as well.

I cant install the game

What is your system/specs?

When I enter the Gym and chose a training session, the screen goes black.


Thanks for the bug report I will add that to my list. Hopefully it's an easy fix 


game crashes everytime a submission pose is supposed to happen


when will we be able to play as jade


I'm working on the animations for Jade right now. After they are done we will still need to created the custom logic for her characters attacks.


Enemies still spawn behind the boundries. It's not fixed.