New Public Build (v0.6.7)!

We've finished the art for Blue Leonheart, our first bare backer turned ingame NPC! He'll be showing up in 0.6.8 to trade some of your items for better ones! More YCHs are still available via our pledge tier rewards.

Thankyou to everyone who left comments on our last build! We prioritized your bugs first, you should see most of them in this patch list! We are also uploading 32 bit and MAC versions of the builds again.

[Build 0.6.7 - June 6th 2022]
• Optimized day/night/jungle variations of stage modules into skins
• Fixed easy mode granting infinite lives
• Fixed Game over screen and UI elements
• Fixed enemies only playing s*x scene A. Now randomly selects A or B (50% chance)
• Fixed Gen having a dong on her Mimic Climax animation
• Fixed enemies escaping out of bounds during arena fights (Now kills them if they leave the play area)
• Fixed Gens Hair/Teeth colors on character select animation
• Fixed collision on pickups
• Fixed Enemies no longer flickering into standing state during knockdown
• Fixed Snogglers janky jump behaviours
• Fixed Controllers not working on some menus
• Fixed training lessons not activating
• Fixed up attack animations lingering upon landing
• Fixed movement during dialogue cutscenes
• Fixed double damage not appearing on debug buff spawner
• Fixed some props rotating in zero gravity
• Fixed purple piranha plants missing a hitbox
• Fixed some invisible platform generation
• Fixed c*m meter not filling up on UI
• Fixed skybox not matching sky texture
• Fixed gallery characters not being centered/facing the right
• Fixed Kanes balls being twice as big as they should be in the gallery
• Fixed portraits being randomized in gallery
• Fixed Gen's drill kick being hard to perform more than once
• Fixed delay before Snoggler climax
• Fixed NPC interactions not initiating
• Fixed player voicelines playing twice
• Fixed enemies not playing voicelines when taking damage
• Fixed volume and timing of some voicelines
• Fixed music dampening
• Fixed chests not spawning on debug stage

We will be adding some uncommon and rare item upgrades to the chest reward pool in the next update, offering some exciting new powerup abilities! You can then trade in your common pickups to Leon and other NPCs to get stronger items more often. Next update expect some news on Jade's weapons!

Get Bare Backstreets (V 0.7.1)


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in my opinion you should leave the other versions to download


Which versions would you like?

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2gb of ram

1gb of video

160 ghz

can reach minimun 1 gb of ram and option ultra low graphic settings?