New Public Build (v0.6.6)!

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We are finally caught up rebuilding our engine! We can expect things to return to our normal monthly update schedule.
0.6.6 Patch Notes
[Bugs Fixed]

• Fixed static animations on character select

• Fixed several small UI inconsistencies

• Fixed foreign characters not displaying correctly on credits screen

• Fixed floating destructible objects

• Fixed spelling errors and bugs sensitive to the gallery screen

• Fixed visual errors of background scenery in Autumn Stage

• Fixed terrain modules overlapping at the seems visual error

• Fixed all pixel bleed on Vergence (Excluding sex scenes)

• Fixed various small art errors

• Fixed controller input on most controllers

• Fixed Gen's crouching transitions being slower than Verge

• Fixed Huntress nipples being missing on certain attacks

• Fixed Gidgit (Training Kobold) teleporting when hit

• Fixed several hitboxes to be more consistent

• Fixed down air attack behavior


• Rebuilt core game engine from scratch

• Rebuilt enemy AI logic from scratch

• Removed a large amount of unnecessary scripts and dependencies from the code

• All individual sprites have been moved to atlas sheets

• Better compression on image assets

• Sped up transition animation between levels

[Features Added]

• New Snoggler Enemy (Including animations and sex scene)

• New sex scene for Piranha Plant

• Genitalia for NPCs (Kane, Vitki) now appear properly on NSFW mode

• Added Gym entrance to daytime Streets level

• Several particle effects had been updated with new versions

• Jade/Baxter added to character select screen

• Credit Screen is now fully animated

• Cum added to Mimic x Male player sex scene

• Better effects for explosions and fire

• Player stats now effect speed/damage/health etc as intended

• Splash screen logo is now animated

• Added collision boxes on enemies

• Crouching now greatly lowers your hurtbox

• Health blocks now crumble before shattering

• Damage numbers now have more size/movement variety

Next month you can anticipate the first of our merchant NPCs added to the game, a complete rework of our level modules and roughly 40 more minor bugs fixed! We should be ready to release Jade in a playable state by the end of June.


BBS 2022-05-17 (0.6.6) 385 MB
May 17, 2022

Get Bare Backstreets (V 0.7.1)


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I Can't Get the Latest Password Here!

omg bare backstreets v.0.6.8

my laptop is crashing with bug


What is the make/model of your PC?

Deleted post

Hello, can you provide more details for the dev team. What OS are you using? What are the specs of your system. What does completely unplayable mean? like does it crash on opening or during gameplay?

no 32 bits :(

Unity has the ability to make a 32 bit build. We can do that for the next build (June) if you like

i would like that, not all people have a powerful computer, make low gamma pc run the game to get more downloads than normal :)

While the game doesn't force itself close anymore, i am unable to progess past the stage 1 loading screen. Funnily enough, that's also the furthest i ever gotten.

The screen go black on game over and the stage music just keeps going

Genesis shares the same "end" animation as Vergence when losing to Mimic, resulting in "oops, accidental cock&ball"

I have downloaded the game now, but as soon as I chose a charachter, it froze :/

looks epic can't wait to try it

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Thank you for your hard work and have a great day! Love the game!