BBS Hotfix Patch 0.6.4

Various small bug and crash fixes have been pushed to the public build!
• Player portrait missing clothing
• Pleasure meter-portrait not aligned with normal portrait
• Added pseudo sync module loading to fix lag on stage modules spawning
•Toxic barrel explosion not simulating in world space
• Minimap generating but not visible
• Updated root location for enemy animations (Smoother knockdowns/rotation)
• Gidgit gym softlock after first submission sex scene
• Enemy health bar not fading away fully afterwards if not fully faded before initiating sex scenes.
• Jungle/Autumn platforms are not showing corners/caps.
• Normal sex scenes breaking on finish (no null reference check for non-fuckable enemies)
• Day city hanging wires not paired with platforms
• restart penalty triggering when it shouldnt (restart from game over)
• Lag when entering training stage
[SFW mode fixes]
• Killing enemies causing fade to black
• Player not losing lives
•  Gidgit immune to damage
• Piranha plants still grab leaving player locked for a short period
• Knockback/damaged state not working
• New dialogue for the submission lesson


BBS 2021-06-18 (V 0.6.4) - 244 MB
Jun 18, 2021
BBS 2021-06-18 (V 0.6.4) - 250 MB
Jun 18, 2021

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Yea 0.6.5 isn't going to be working on windows 10 64 bit I7 with 8 gigs of ram I give up it's a joke and im not downloading a 16 gig mac os iso to test it out thats a joke too.

Does the Game Over Screen in SFW mode have any changes yet? 

ah hello i try to play but is not working on my computer I can't log in