New Public Build (V.6.3)!

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We have been hauling ass this month to deliver new stages, characters and core features to the game! One thing we always wanted to do in BBS classic was to have a tutorial hosted by Kane, which we can now proudly say is ready to play!

Introducing Kobolds!

Our growing variety of enemies lacked meek front-liners! These little guys don't pack much of a punch and are generally easy to get belly down. Their true strength is their endearing spirit and people skills! Just kidding, they are total pushovers and serve as the beginner grunts of the game.

One-Two Buckle my Shoe!

Kobolds haven't been juiced up like other monsters and instead need to rely on their natural talents to fight, in which they are severely lacking. Getting hit by a kobolds punch is like being hit by a pillow that hasn't been fluffed. Kobolds rely on other heavy hitters to do the real damage, but will happily take the credit.

The Hyper Wind up Punch  Special!

It's really just a regular hit. Use the enormous window of opportunity to practice your dodging! If only that flashy overselling actually made their attacks stronger!

Your New Personal Trainer!

Feeling rusty? Take a left at the start of game and you'll find a new building you can interact with! This area is completely optional and will not impact your stage score as progression will reset once you return to the streets. Curious players are encouraged to check it out to learn the ropes!

Lessons Learnt!

Our new training stage currently comes with 8 quick tasks for getting new players up to speed with the games core mechanics, buttons and abilities. Feel free to practice your combos on Gidgit, your personal sparring buddy who will respawn as many times as necessary until you're ready for the real thing! Kane will have new lessons on offer as we continue to update the game with new moves and features!

Revamped Debug stage!

Our previous debug design had 50+ enemies spawned in at once and was greatly oversized, causing some lag and performance issues. The new layout greatly simplifies the size of the stage and instead, gives you brand new enemy/object spawners to customize any variety of enemy, buffs, chests and destructibles you want to mess around with and potentially break for playtesting benefits. Press down on the big blue buttons to cycle between entities and spawn up to 10 each!

New Player Portraits!

Our original character art for the HUD was made with a circular design in mind. To better fit the new HUD layout, all portrait art has been updated to include clothing! These will come off your portrait as you lose armor just as it works ingame.

NPC Portraits!

Any speaking characters will also get their own portraits going forward! These will appear during dialogue cut-scenes as we flesh out the story side of the game.

Pegging Party!

Kobolds mark the first enemy type that is submissive to the player! Getting to knock down someone bigger then them is such a feat to celebrate that they are willing to take one for the team. Female characters will strap in for a good time! BBS is now more stable on integrated graphics! Users who encountered crashing issues should now be able to play the game even on bad laptops or toaster PCs. For our high-end users, the game now has proper Anti-Aliasing that smooths out our pixel art. This can be disabled in our graphics options menu. If you do encounter any new performance problems please let us know via our bug reporting form!
V 0.6.3 (June 15/2021 - Week 50)
• New Enemy - Kobold
• New NPC - Kane
• New S*x Scene
• New Area - Gym
• New Music - Training Stage
• New Tutorial System
• New Dialogue System
• New Portraits
• Cycling Entity Spawners
• Reworked Debug Stage
• Integrated Graphics Support
• Added Anti-Aliasing
• Audio Balancing
• Many Bug Fixes


BBS 2021-06-15 (V 0.6.3) - PC - 284 MB
Jun 16, 2021

Get Bare Backstreets (V 0.7.0)


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How do I use the gallery? It just has the idle animations

ok so the game works fine for me just a bit lag but when you enter the stage you can play for a while then the game jus crashes.

Extremely buggy, the character would stand on an invisible wall for any angle after any sex, the newly added tutorial section is laggy as hell when making any movement during and before the conversation. Can we get this game unbugged first?

Second, maybe we should add each sex scene to defeat the enemy and being defeated by the enemy? Just a good idea from playing another game named full-frontal frog (a gay game for now).