BBS Hotfix Patch 0.6.2

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Various small bug and crash fixes have been pushed to the public build:

- Removed h.264 videos and replaced them with image sequences to fix a crash related to failing to load video files.
- Fixed a loading issue with platforms that caused invisible platforms/crash on stage load
- Fixed flickering on z buffer platforms
- Fixed music bugs during arena fights
- Fixed crates breaking in water causing water to feeze
- Fixed attacks being slow after being stunned
- Fixed shield not blocking sex scenes or grabs
- Fixed terrain filler props rendering over particle effects
- Fixed a SFW mode softlock after being defeated
- Fixed wires not hanging from platforms
- Fixed game over black screen
- Fixed spikes doing too much damage to clothing
- Fixed incorrect amount of clothing on hard mode
- Fixed hitbox being reversed after stun
- Hard and Bareback Difficulties now have more lives


BBS 2021-04-29 (V 0.6.2) - 339 MB
Apr 29, 2021
BBS 2021-04-29 (V 0.6.2) - 345 MB
Apr 29, 2021

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Won't let me download the hotfix now that 0.6.5 is out. Managed to get it working before somewhat by adding dx and D3D plugins but managed to loose the data and am having a hard time replicating what I did.