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Thanks to your support and the exponential growth BBS has scene in terms of funding over the past few months, we were able to finish a brand new enemy only 3 weeks after winning the s*x scene vote!

Introducing the Werelizard!

Fans of Double Trouble and MBF will be excited to hear that we now have a feral hybrid enemy in the game! This half canine, half reptile hybrid horny from head to tail in more ways than one.

Watch your step!

Werelizard have to methods of attack in BBS. His first ability is a highly volatile bile beam that can leave a hazardous residue on the floor. The properties of the attack change depending on the color of Werelizard you encounter: • Sticky: Slows the players movement 50% and disables jumping • Ice: Lowers friction and covers a much larger surface • Flame: Has a prolonged hitbox that can damage the player over several ticks. • Toxic: Applies a poison debuff that reduces stun resistance 50% • Crimson: Applies a bleed debuff that increases damage taken by 50%


Clever boys will take advantage of a helpless player stuck in their sticky goop puddles by curling up into a spinning wheel and launching across the screen at high speed to plow through the player and knock them to the ground for a breeding spree. Get out of the way or hit the Werelizard before they take off! Once it's spikes out, it's lights out!

Six Supercharged Styles!

Like other enemies, the color of your Werelizard encounter will influence their attack properties and HP values! The last two colors are more rare to spawn, and thus more dangerous. You can view these at any time in the gallery section!

New intimate animations!

Did that barking Beyblade knock you on your bare butt? Hopefully you came to your senses before he ties the knot and takes one of your lives!  The way health and lives are handled has been reworked and simplified to better suite the themes and playstyle of the game.

All new HUD!

While our previous health, stamina and climax meters looked cool, very little of the design communicated what it did or how clothing factors into your vulnerability. We decided to scrap the stamina system entirely as it added little to the gameplay and instead put the focus on clothing as a core mechanic.

Clothing has been added to the new HUD represented as yellow armor blocks, one for each clothing layer you have left. You can no longer be  stunned until your butt-naked. Health can now only be lost as a result of losing a s*x scene, getting 3 tries by default on normal difficulty. Consumables now also give +1 clothing in additional to their normal buff effects.

Enemies now also have health blocks that shatter when depleted! It is now much easier to tell how many hits it takes to take down each type, some being tougher than others.

Ported to MAC!

You can now play the latest version of BBS on your Mac laptop or PC! This is part of our ongoing goal to have BBS playable on as many devices as possible. If you notice any performance issues exclusive to the Mac version, please let us know on our bug reporting form!
V 0.6.1 (April 26/2021 - Week 44)
• New In-Game UI
• New particle effects
• New UI effects
• New enemy - Werelizard
• New area designs
• Altered game mechanics
• Bug fixes
• Introducing Mac Build


BBS 2021-04-26 (V 0.6.1) - 270 MB
Apr 26, 2021
BBS 2021-04-26 (V 0.6.1) - 264 MB
Apr 26, 2021

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