New Public Build (v0.5.9)!

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This month we have worked hard to bring you not only a new enemy but the ability to view, playback and save every animation in the game! We've always wanted a gallery feature and now we can happily launch it for both both Subscribed and free versions of the game.

Slippery Sucklers!

The Munchy is a new grounded enemy type, similar in behaviour to the Piranha Plant in that it is rooted to the spot. Unlike their bulbous counterparts, Munchy's can tunnel underground to change their position rapidly, making them far more mobile.

Tentacle Turret!

Munchy can spit loogies in all directions instead of biting. While dealing less damage than a Piranha Plant, the combination of projectiles and frequent teleporting can make them an elusive enemy that is hard to take down.


If you do manage to wail on a Munchy before they can retreat, they have a relatively low HP pool and will go down in just a few hits. Like Big Gunt, Munchy has a 50% chance of spawning instead of a Piranha Plant for Subscribers. Watch out when more than one Munchy spawns at a time or you may have a bullet hell situation on your hands!

All animations in one easy menu!

All characters and enemies in the game can now be viewed from the Gallery, found on the main menu. Here you can view all the s*x scenes in the game without the pressure of combat, play with any number of color combinations with the pallet picker, read bios, toggle clothes, tinker with playback and download any animation you want directly to your PC! We even included our RBG developer colors as a bonus pallet for power users that wish to use BBS sprites for Mugen or other personal projects.

New Loading Screens!

We have overhauled our static [How to Play] screen with an assortment of character portraits, loading animations and handy tips that you can cycle while the game loads. Currently our average load time is less than a second, so you may only see  these loading times briefly while the game remains optimized!

Offline Content Support

Due to some of our users having difficulty logging in via our online verification check, we will now also provide a unique pin code each month that does not require an internet connection to access Patreon only content. You will still need an active pledge to aquire the pin code, but otherwise BBS can be played anytime offline!

Both passwords and pins only needed to be entered once, after which the game remembers your login and will launch like normal with content unlocked.

Resolution Increase

We have increased the size of all sprites in the game by 30%, increasing the detail of all frames in the game. Verge and Gen have been re-exported to clean up pixel bleed that occurred during the pallet development process. All enemies will be patched over the next week to receive the same cleanup.

Have fun with your new Slippery friends!

We hope everyone enjoys the update! We are going to focus on bug fixing and cleanup during March, but still plan to release the Werewolfs s*x scene B and some new moves for Verge and Gen. A new poll to vote on what scenes and enemies we should add next will come out soon! $20 tiers will also be receiving updates to the behind the scenes content now that we are happy with the quality of the sprites.

V 0.5.9 March 3/2021 - Week 36)

• Reduced loading times

• Increased sprite resolution

• New splash screen

• New loading screen

• New enemy - Munchie

• Implemented gallery

• Misc bug fixes


BBS 2021-03-03 (V 0.5.9) 223 MB
Mar 03, 2021

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can the oler enimes be free?

Hi Jason, quick question! In future updates of the game, will older patreon enemies (for example, Big Gunt) become available for the public build, or will they remain patreon exclusive?