New Public Build (v0.5.7)!

Fans of the original BBS prototype demo will enjoy this update! Our stage design has had a major makeover, ditching the maze levels and bringing back a more linear platforming experience. Each stage consists of 5 modular rooms, each with their own layouts and challenges.

New Night Streets Stage!

Long-term fans of our work may remember the original BBS prototype way back in 2015 which had a stage that looks much closer to this than the other new levels we have been creating.  It's very exciting to bring this design back after a long wait, as this setting holds major relevance in the upcoming BBS comic pages!

This new night theme is now the default first stage from the character select. The daytime theme can be played by progressing to the end!

New and improved Jungle Stage!

Several art assets for our jungle level have been updated or remade from scratch to bring the quality up to par with our new streets stage release. Background elements have been color graded and so that they no longer compete for attention with the action taking place in the foreground. Brand new platforms, and hazards have been added to the game such as explosive crates and slippery barrels you can roll into your enemies!

Bareback Arenas!

We have raised the stakes with this new update, as each level now ends in a climactic battle to protect your butt! 3 dynamic waves of enemies will spawn, increasing in difficulty as you go. Winning champions will be rewarded a chest drop with a special powerup before advancing to the next level!

Minimap UI Overhaul!

All enemies, items, upgrades and objectives now appear on our minimap, complete with their own big flashy icons to give you the info you need from a glance! We hope this makes the hunt for the last remaining enemies during arena brawls that much easier.

New Hornet Animations!

There is now a 50% chance of getting a new animation when stunned by an enemy hornet! You can tell which animation you get based on the way the player falls over, either belly down or belly up. Werewolves and other enemies will also get alternative animations as we truck along with development.

Big Wolf Boot!

Werewolves will now occasionally kick the player across the screen! Dealing less damage but more knockback than their regular attack. All of our new enemies had more than one way of attacking the player, now big wolfy is up to speed!

New Player Moves in the Works!

Genesis is getting a new powerful spinning kick to finish her combo, garnering much more horizontal range but a slower startup. Her current flip kick is being moved to her up input, letting you launch enemies into the air on command!

Spinning Dive Kick

Drill your foes back to the ground by pressing down and attack while in the air! We hope these moves help further give Genesis her own Identity in comparison to Verge's more powerful, but simple attacks.

The All Mighty Butt Slam!

Speaking of Verge, he is getting a new attack of his own! In future updates, pressing down and attack while airborn will send him rocketing down to the ground. Any unfortunate foes beneath his backside will suffer heavy damage and possibly a new fetish in the process!

With a new month comes a new password! [Access The Password Here]

V 0.6.0 (December 16/2020 - Week 26):
• New environment graphics
• New linear stage type
• New arena system
• New destructible objects
• New particle effects
• New animations
• Expanded Debug Room
• Altered stage progression
• Unlocked all stages
• Increased stamina regen and occurence
• Updated stat values
• Adjusted stamina costs
• Post processing effects
• Streets stage night variant
• UI and visual adjustments
• Enemy AI adjustments
• Misc bug fixes


BBS 2020-12-16 (V 0.5.7).rar 180 MB
Dec 16, 2020

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