New Public Build (v0.5.6!)

New Public Build (v0.5.6!)

A small patch to simplify our login page due to multiple complaints that it's finicky. The username requirement has been removed, all you need now for an offline login is the current password [Which you can find here!]

V 0.5.6 (November 19/2020 - Week 23): 
• Simplified login system 
• [?] button on the login screen now point directly to the password page
• Increased FOV 
• Tweaked clothing HP and damage reduction 
• Pleasure bar now passively drains

A more substantial update will be landing in about 10 days! In the mean time, enjoy these animated Bare Backstreets Stickers that we are using to replace our older, less cool tier icons!


BBS - 2020-11-19- v 163 MB
Nov 19, 2020

Get Bare Backstreets (V 0.7.1)

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