New Public Build (v0.5.4)!

One of the biggest art tasks for BBS is now complete and in the game! 5 layers of clothing have been added to both Verge and Gen that you can have ripped off your body when receiving damage. Fight monsters wearing nothing but your jockstrap or bra and panties!

Clothing functions as armor and will offer you 10% resistance to all damage sources per layer while active. To balance this advantage, enemies may get a minor damage buff to in future updates keep them challenging. You will also be less likely to be knocked over while wearing clothing.

Enemies need to remove all your clothing in order to activate their special sexual encounter animations. You can restore clothing by picking up health vials!

This update would not be possible without the help of our new supporting artists Damian, Jesse and Sin who worked diligently over the course of this month to get all the layers done in time for this update. Naked Verge/Gen are roughly 110 frames of animation each, meaning over a thousand new frames of animation needed to be made. Getting it all done gives us a lot of confidence that we can get a good amount of content complete next month!

Login Changes

Offline functionality has been added to both Patreon and Subscribestar logins. Users who were having browser difficulties successfully logging in can now just enter there username and the latest patch password [Which you can find Here!]

This will allow anyone who has supported the game to continue playing the build for as long as they want, even after the pledge expires! You will need the new password for future builds. Our userame registry is updated remotely, meaning you do not need to wait for a new patch in order to start playing the exclusive content!

[Patch Notes} V 0.5.4 (October 25/2020 - Week 19):
• Added new collectibles
• Added sound frequency controls in audio menu
• Added variable knockback distance depending on damage
• Added bleed status
• Added poison status
• Added clothing system
• Added lighting
• Added vibration
• Updated particle effects
• Changed Character Select navigation via controller
• Tweaked stun requirements
• Tweaked UI
• Tweaked terrain rendering
• Tweaked attack physics

We are hiring!  

Thanks to your support, we keep our doors open to new talent within the community if they would like to join a team-based project like BBS! We are currently looking for artists who feel confident working on backgrounds and stage design. Feel free to throw us your portfolio via our [Application Form!]


BBS - 2020-10-25 - v 190 MB
Oct 26, 2020

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